DrDebber Debian Package Hosting

Upload your .debs to the cloud and install them from anywhere. Try it for free!

Uploading is as easy as curl <your repo url>/import -F@<your deb>

Deploying is as easy as sudo apt-get install <your package>




Import and deploy packages over HTTPS



You already have all the necessary software to use DrDebber -- upload packages with curl and install them with apt.


Cross platform!

...well, to anything that has apt. Works with Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, and so on.

Plans and Pricing



2 packages
50 MB total storage



5 packages
1 GB total storage
Public repo URL



15 packages
2 GB total storage
Public repo URL



50 packages
5 GB total storage
Public repo URL

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Some questions

What do you mean by "5 packages" and such?

In the context of plans, "package" means one group of .debs that all have the same name but different versions and/or architectures. Thus, if your repository contains cool-pack_1.0_amd64.deb and cool-pack_1.1_amd64.deb this will count as one package for the purposes of billing.

What happens if my quota on packages or space is exceeded?

Your repository will become read-only after a short grace period -- DrDebber won't hold your already imported packages hostage!

What's a public repo URL?

It's a way to publish your repository to the world -- while you can publicly announce the repository address that contains your unique token, this will effectively give the world write access. This feature gives you a read-only alias to your repository which you can name yourself.

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